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organic yoga wear

We offer yoga clothing designed for your daily yoga practice - ethically made from renewable raw materials, in limited editions.

It was created out of love for nature, for our fellow human beings and for us, just like our yoga - on and beyond the yoga mat.

It is timeless, functional in design and loving in the details.


for a fair textile industry

the origin: india

Out of conviction, we produce in the Indian state of West Bengal in order to ensure more security, justice and sustainability exactly where it is most needed in this world.

Cooperation with selected organizations in Germany, India and Bangladesh is particularly important to us in order to support them in the implementation of human and labor rights on site.


organic cotton from India

Around the world, around 100 million households in 70 countries are involved in the production of cotton. Cotton is an important source of income, especially for the people in West and Central Africa, India, Pakistan and Central Asia.

There are still many problems and challenges in the textile sector. This is influenced, among other things, by long, complex supply chains, a lack of transparency and the workers' lack of awareness of their rights. The consequences for people and the environment are often dramatic.

Elastane (spandex)
Bio Baumwolle

Fairtrade, GOTS and FairShare stand for strong environmental standards to protect the health and safety of smallholders, to preserve nature and to ban genetically modified seeds and dangerous chemicals.

The smallholders also undertake to use water as efficiently as possible during cultivation.

The new textile standard and the textile program of Fairtrade and GOTS are intended to improve the working conditions and wages of workers in the entire processing chain in the textile industry and to strengthen their rights.

ornamental medals -
handcraft from munich

Our pretty ornamental medals are minted by hand in Munich.

Thanks to their gold plating, the copper medals are particularly robust and machine washable.

Handarbeit aus München
Elastane (spandex)

We use elastane because the garments have to be very elastic and fit perfectly.

The material is combined with cotton for comfort. Our pieces contain 0-8% elastane, the rest is pure organic cotton.

Our textile printing & the print products

The finishing of our textiles by flex, flock and screen printing takes place in a small Munich textile print shop.

All of our print products and packaging materials are made from recycled materials.

The clothing labels come from a small print shop in Munich Giesing.


We are proud to have launched a brand ambassador program with a difference that lives up to our motto OUR HEARTFUL HABIT. We believe that through the regular practice of yoga - of any form - and through the power of a loving and strong community, the world can offer more and more people the life that is fair.

With our #ourheartfulhabit charity class, we offer you the opportunity to practice yoga with extraordinary personalities and do good at the same time.

The classes take place on a donation basis and the entire proceeds will be donated to a non-profit organization of the choice of the respective brand ambassador. This creates a wonderful variety of projects that are supported by OUR HEARTFUL HABIT and by YOU.

We grow as individuals, we grow as a community, and we help in need.

Do you share our vision Then take part.

You can already look forward to the ON- and / or OFFLINE classes with our wonderful brand ambassadors from all over the world. In order not to miss them, follow us on FB & INSTAGRAM and / or subscribe to the newsletter.

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