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Friends & Family

FRIends & family

our loved ones - great people and great projects

giulia from obove mats

OBOVE is a young company from Munich and was founded in 2019 by Giulia and Alex, who both started yoga at Manolaya.

We love your first product, the OBOVE Cover Mat: a lightweight, foldable and washable yoga mat made of natural rubber, microfiber and synthetic suede. It is perfect as a hygienic pad on the studio mats or as a thin travel mat. Available in great colors and designs.

Pia Baur.png
mindful coaching & yoga
by pia baur

Pure inspiration and a great zest for life!

We wonder where she got all the energy from.

Pia is a mind, body & soul coach, business coach, author and a wonderful yoga teacher.

Calm your Mind and Free Yourself seminars, your monthly Happiness Circle - to name just a few of your diverse projects.

To join in and do it yourself:

Dany Madaus- personality development through "MBSR" & voice coaching & mindfulness bracelets

For many years Dany has dealt with questions of inner growth and life in awareness: where compassion, equanimity and joy of life are at home. She teaches stress management through mindfulness, MBSR and accompanies people in their development.

In addition to her professional career as an international make-up artist in the fields of fashion, advertising, film, photo and TV, her path is shaped by homeopathy, yoga, Qi Gong, Buddhism and meditation (including Vipassana).

For more mindfulness:

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