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about drishti

If you've ever practiced yoga with me, the term drishti will most likely sound familiar to you. Drishti (Sanskrit) actually means "seeing", "eye" and / or "point of view". The point here is to focus your gaze and thus your full concentration on a certain point with your eyes open or closed. This point is also called the fixed point. This point is always there, you can always rely on it.


I proudly present you our DRISHTI collection in limited edition. A collection that reminds me of the power of focus. The fixation of the gaze (inside or outside) naturally creates a focus of the mind, which allows you to remain in peace.


Perhaps the fixed point becomes more and more important in your life, when everything else seems unpredictable, unpredictable - keep the focus and have confidence.



With love,



Founder of manolaya

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