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Andrea Gründerin & Yogalehrerin



with Andrea, founder of manolaya

sthira-sukham-asanam || 46 ||

- steady, comfortable is the posture

स्थिरसुखमासनम् ॥४६॥

Whatever the style, the key to the essence of your practice is in the details.

My experience from over 20 years of classical Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Yin and Restorative Yoga

- most recently as the head of my yoga school Manolaya 2017-2020 - I bring your practice to a new level.

You can find out more about me and my path here.


Yoga LIVE Online

YOGA Vinyasa & Alignment, Level 2-3

see you every Tuesday from 6:45 pm to 8:00 pm via Zoom  

This hour is the live broadcast from the Mondstraße.  



Registration is not required.

You can find the direct link for the LIVE broadcast on the ZOOM CLASS page.

The transfer is password protected and the current PW can also be found on the ZOOM CLASS page.

If you have a subscription with me, you can find the links to every recording on the ZOOM CLASS page.

The ZOOM CLASS page can only be accessed with a valid subscription.  

If the class is canceled, it will be on the ZOOM CLASS page and / or you will receive an email about it.

Of course, this only occurs in emergencies and in the event of illness.

Single ticket or pack of 5:


Please contact us via the one here  registration form  at.

You will receive the link and password for the Zoom Meeting immediately after your registration.

Since the password for the meeting is currently changing, I ask you to register week after week.


Participation is possible with an online ticket purchased on the website.

Tickets and subscriptions are under TICKETS  to find.


Please note that if you register too soon, your participation

(less than 90 minutes before the start of the course) due to time constraints

can no longer be confirmed.  



Please fill out this form to register for a class.

Anmeldung ONLINE


YOGA Vinyasa & Alignment, Level 2-3

see you personally every Tuesday, 6:45 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. at Mondstrasse 30, backyard.

If possible, please bring your own mat. The hour is broadcast live via ZOOM.

Participation / registration and cancellation:

Participation is only possible after prior registration via our "Doodle" and with a valid ABO or 5-pass card for the moon road. For a one-time trial lesson, please send me an email, I will be happy to confirm your place according to Vf. For 17 EUR once.


At the moment there are 6 places on Mondstrasse every Tuesday  Approved  and participation is only possible under the 3G rules. Please bring proof (proof of vaccination only the first time, please test every time).

Please do the cancellations by 2 p.m. on Tuesday if possible, so that others can grab the vacated space.



Please register using the doodle link. If you see your entry when you open the list again, you have saved it correctly :) No further confirmation is required.  The link to participate can be found in your e-mail inbox and also on the ZOOM CLASS page.

Single ticket or pack of 5:

If you would like to participate for the first time and have not yet received the doodle link (or can no longer find it), please contact me directly by email for the desired date. A one-liner with the date is sufficient  fully  the end.  If available, I will register you for the desired date and give you the doodle link for  future registrations with the confirmation at the same time  send.

If you have already received the class doodle link, please just sign up.  If you see your entry when you open the list again, you have saved it correctly :)

No further confirmation is required.

Info Videothek


Unlimited access to the video library is available to you if you get one of the subscription models. 

With the ABO, I accompany you and your practice to the best of my knowledge and you will regularly be provided with interesting short readings (to easily expand your background knowledge in YOGA from the comfort of the couch), with technology videos on the individual postures and with varied sequence videos .

After your registration and with your valid ABO you can get started with the video library immediately

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