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Ashtanga yoga Mysore style .

In the Mysore class you will learn the exact sequence of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. By repeating the given sequences and the associated postures, you will learn the various asanas in detail. Your knowledge of the postures will gradually be expanded, so that you can develop your individual performance of the asanas.

Mysore is not designed like a “typical” yoga class, but rather as if you were receiving one-to-one lessons from like-minded people. Each student practices the individual sequences at their own pace, during which they are individually supervised by the teacher and guided according to their own needs.

At Manolaya, Ashtanga Yoga is taught with Iyengar Alignment. The use of aids such as blocks and straps should support you in your practice.

Mysore classes provide a space for inspiration and friendship where people regularly practice yoga together with concentration and focus.

If you attend the Mysore classes, your regular participation in the guided Saturday class is desired. There, your knowledge that you have received during the week will be summarized and deepened again. During this unit we will practice the sequences together at the "classic" pace of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.

Level 2-3

Ashtanga yoga LED class "FULL Primary" .

Whole series, 90 minutes

In addition to the Mysore style, the second classic form of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is the so-called LED class. This is a guided class in which all asanas are performed with an exact number of vinyasa and breathing accordingly. In this type of lesson, you follow the teacher's instructions and try to adapt to the pace of the respective sequence. The goal is to retrieve what you have learned in the Mysore class and to get into the meditative flow of the series.

Level 2-3

Ashtanga yoga LED CLASS "Half Primary" .

First series to Navasana, 90 minutes

This class leads through the first half of the First Series of Ashtanga Yoga. The yoga postures (asanas) are held longer, the instructions are more detailed, and the pace is slower than in the Complete First Series.

Yoga straps, blocks and blankets are used to facilitate the execution of the postures so that you can get the most benefit from your practice.

Level 2-3

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